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Terms and Conditions

The JNA return policy is as follows:
"In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, consumers enjoy the goods 7 days hesitation period from the date of the rights and interests, but the hesitation period is not a trial period, if you want to apply for a refund, the returned goods (including gifts) must be "New unused and unopened package," the state has the right to refuse to accept a refund refund.
"After receiving the goods, such as due to non-human factors, damage to the product, scratched or judged as defective goods, from the receipt of the goods within 7 days of replacement, if more than this period deemed to be completed without replacement.
"If after checking and testing the" replacement goods "or" maintenance goods "you send back find that there is no flaw / problem in the goods themselves, the consumers must pay the related expenses (for example, return shipping costs and labor handling fees). .Wait).
"After the pre-order goods order is established, cancel the order after more than 7 days, will charge the cash flow service fee (2.75% of the settlement amount) and transfer fee.
"Backpacks, storage boards, waterproof cover ... and other goods are consumables, no warranty period.
"After the sale of the product, human factors caused damage to the goods, with a warranty period of electronic goods does not provide warranty service. (Such as scratching, heavy wrestling, electronic products not according to the instruction manual charging, pull off the waterproof plug, the use of goods placed in more than marking the level of protection of the environment ....)
"To apply for return or replacement of customers please E-mail or call, and provide: order number, refund, replacement reason, your name and contact telephone number, E-mail address.